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Craving adventure, new experiences, and never far from my camera, I travel as often as I can and mostly end up jumping in rivers or exploring the backstreets of a city.


I've performed off-Broadway, had my work screen in over 200 screens in 21 countries, and excel at delving into characters with troubled minds. At home with playing the introspective and brooding underdog, I also enjoy physical roles, and can grow an excellent beard.


Not content with sitting back and waiting, I also create my own work, raising over £12,000 via Kickstarter for UK/US WWII drama MAGPIE. Being cast as a lead role, George, a British soldier who goes through Hell and comes out a changed man, really allowed me to dig deep into a man with a tortured soul.


Featured TV roles include WWII documentary NARROW ESCAPES and international series UFOS DECLASSIFIED.


Brad Pitt once told me to get out of a cupboard (ALLIED).